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Project of the Month: Bulls & Blackhawks Merchandising Storage at United Center



Since it’s opening in 1994, the United Center has hosted over forty million guests. The United Center has hosted not only Bulls and Blackhawks home games, but concerts and events including musicians like The Rolling Stones, The Who and Paul McCartney. The venue thought it was time to upgrade capacity for it’s growing merchandise needs.

The Challenge

For live events, storage for merchandising is essential to make sure in-demand items are in-stock to make sales.The United Center’sMadhouse Team Storehouses both team’s merchandise including jerseys, hats, t-shirts, shoes, memorabilia, and any other sports gear you can imagine. With that much product to store for both teams, Merchandising Directors Matt Kobe (Bulls) and Laura Clowson (Blackhawks) worked with us to to evaluate their storage needs and get started.


我們的分期付款在麥克斯隊商店下方的東部較低層次,並於2016年11月開始始於策劃555年國際德西gn Group,focusing on options, surveys, and storage capacity comparisons.

通過合作,我們能夠通過24“提供最佳能力滿足聯合中心的需求4-Post back-to-back shelvingsections on 10 14’ longActivRACcarriages set on a low profile floor mounted rail. The upright shelving units are 121” tall and we used 53’ of static shelving along the wall for quick access hanger storage for team jerseys.

Organized Merch, Happy Clients

The United Center managed the project, which was purchased 50/50 by the two franchises. We were given $100,000 budgetary ceiling, and we were brought back on board later on for $15,000 in additions to the equipment and system.

Everyone involved, including the Madhouse Team Store’s Merchandising Manager, were incredibly pleased with the results, how smoothly the system runs and how quickly they were able to increase efficiency. Being familiar withSpacesaver由於以前的項目,這是公牛和黑鷹的扣籃!

Athletic Storage Experts

談到時,我們沒有業餘愛好者運動儲存. In addition to the Bulls, Blackhawks, andNotre Dame Football,我們幫助運動隊,大而小,確保他們的更衣室,equipment storage,和商品化設施是頂級陷波。