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Smart Storage Transforms Notre Dame Football Equipment Room into a Recruiting Area

Notre Dame的足球設備室是足球計劃的驕傲,但並不總是這樣。在進行裝修之前,填充有齒輪和設備的塑料浴缸均在房間周圍堆疊,甚至在台麵上。“浪費了這麼多的空間,”巴黎聖母院大學頭部足球設備經理瑞安新郎說。“這對我們來說真的沒有正常工作。”

Grooms was familiar with high-density shelving from his previous position with the University of Minnesota, so he knew that type of shelving could double the football team’s storage capacity within the same space.

努力解決頭部足球設備經理Ryan新郎理想的設備室的手繪草圖,我們設計了一種使用靜電和移動擱板—all customized to show off the Fighting Irish pride. The installation is based around four mobile systems, each storing a specific type of equipment—the first being for game and practice gear storage.

A Vision Turned Into a Reality

為專業和大學團隊設計了許多運動器材,我們知道Notre Dame的空間中最重要的組成部分將仔細考慮需要存儲的各種類型的齒輪。


Working closely with Grooms’ sketch, we began with the room’s exterior walls. This is where the team’s game day and practice gear would be stored, and the goal was fast, organized access. Stationarymetal shelvingoptimized for specific types of gear were designed around the room’s perimeter, allowing for easy access and convenience.

緊湊的移動存儲可以導致Notre Dame足球運動員的更多空間

畫廊Notredame 2.


接下來,我們安裝了一個高密度移動存儲係統, which was put in place to store items specific to each player. Players would receive their own personal area that was far bigger than the previous space they had. This extra space made things easier for equipment managers as well, by equipping the players with the necessary practice and game gear they needed. Utilizing 4-post shelving within the mobile systems, each player was able to have their own cubby for personal items—one that was far larger than their previous space. Having this extra space cut down on the crowding in the room and became a place where players were comfortable to get dressed and get into a game mindset before taking the field.

A second moveable shelving system was equipped with4張擱置for another set of cubbies—this time, smaller ones to store helmets. Storing the helmets in their own individual spaces created a way to prolong the life of the helmets and to keep track of them after practices and games.

除了頭盔,另一個關鍵存儲need from a preservation standpoint was the team’s many sets of shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are an awkward size—their bulky nature means that they have to be stored upright instead of being stacked. We designed a customized shoulder pad system with an overhang configuration with懸臂擱架為了堆疊墊,而不會彼此休息 - 非常適合保留墊的形狀並使它們在遊戲或練習之後幹燥。

畫廊Notredame 3.

A Space for Equipment Managers

Notre Dame employs 25 student equipment managers to make sure the football equipment room—and everything in it—runs smoothly. In the room’s old configuration, staff used to bring in large folding tables in order for the student workers to fold clothes. Apart from the extra work, the folding tables could only support a few students at a time, and tasks took longer than they needed. With a focus on giving these students a more conducive place to work, we designed a 36”緊湊型移動係統非常適合折疊。櫃台高度係統配備有門和抽屜,以最大化存儲空間 - 現在,15個設備管理人員可以同時折疊衣服。


Notre Dame’s revamped football equipment room allows the team’s equipment to be better organized, more visible, and easier to maintain and access than ever before. It also allowed the University to create another way to impress potential recruits. Modern football recruitment isn’t just about a world-class program. It’s about showing potential players that you care about their wellbeing—and that all aspects of the program are high in quality.

The mobile systems in the University’s equipment room all feature custom graphics that showcase Fighting Irish football—from close-ups of the team’s helmets to an aerial shot of the stadium. Even the system’s handles were sent to the team’s helmet company to be dipped in the same shade of signature gold. Additionally, the counter-height system in the center of the room is topped with a custom-designed quartz top that includes an inlay of Notre Dame’s logo and the words “Irish Football” into the surface material.

“We’ve have turned this into a recruiting area,” said Grooms. “We’re now able to bring recruits in and show off what we’ve done. We really turned this into a showpiece.”