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Simple Storage Solutions by Spacesaver

Innovation and ingenuity driveSpacesaverto develop and customize a variety of flexible storage products to help their clients efficiently manage their space, time and money. Spacesaver’s high-density mobile shelving has been used across industries including business, libraries, museums, hospitals, higher education and even police departments. With a broad range of products manufactured and engineered in-house to suit even the most demanding needs, Spacesaver experts have the knowhow to get organized.

In partnership withThe Spacesaver Group, we’ve helped solve a variety of storage problems by making it possible for our clients to store more in less space. Our innovative design paired with the flexibility of Spacesaver solutions can easily solve even the most demanding storage issues.

Spacesaver’s Inventive Storage Solutions

Spacesaver got their start withhigh-density mobile shelvingand has developed many more products to get clients organized and continue to apply this experience to every client’s unique needs.

The Spacesaver Group is dedicated to making the most of any given space to create efficient, effective and secure storage solutions that increase productivity.

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With clients across the board, these are just a few of the products and applications by Spacesaver:

  • Public Libraries– Helping libraries repurpose to meet the ever-evolving technology and the growing needs of their communities.
  • Military Storage– A full line of military weapon and gear storage solutions designed to streamline processes and maintain security.
  • Museum Storage– Large or small, Spacesaver can safely store even the most delicate of artifacts.
  • Public Safety– From evidence to records to personal storage, all were designed withlaw enforcement needsin mind.
  • Higher Education– From library books, special collections, artwork & records, our systems save space and increase capacity.
  • Business– High-density storage for records, archives, warehousing, manufacturing cells, etc., Spacesaver has the products for the right solution
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Spacesaver’s Total Storage Solutions

As a recognized industry leader in solving unique storage problems, Spacesaver has more successful installations under their belt than the competition combined. From small, work-station adjacent installations to large bulk storage needs, Spacesaver can solve your even the most complex storage problems.

Several decades of experience and over 250,000 successful high-density mobile storage applications make Spacesaver the clear authority across the industry.

Spacesaver Contracts

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