Hamilton Casework Solutions

Hamilton Casework Solutions for Workplace Needs

Hamilton Casework Solutionsis committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing a wide range of standard and customized casework solutions to meet specific workplace needs. Their casework solutions are used in environments such as healthcare, education, pharmacies, laboratories, and corporate offices. They also have an extensive line of personal storage systems for use in front office settings, as well as traditional locker areas.

hamilton-logo-full-color 漢密爾頓的案例解決方案選擇

Hamilton is the leading manufacturer of casework solutions. Eachinstallation carries alimited lifetime warranty backed with 50 years of integrity and experience.

Wherever efficiency and organization are essential, Hamilton Casework Solutions has the products to improve your operation. Every day, Hamilton’s products solve workplace needs in the following settings:

  • Medical— Pharmacies, labs, patient rooms, exam rooms, procedure rooms, nurse’s islands, reception areas
  • Education— Student lockers, gym lockers, labs, work rooms, copy rooms, teacher’s lounges, reception areas
  • Corporate- 複製房間,mail centers, reception areas, staff rooms

Customizable Casework Solutions

HAMILTON has long enjoyed a national reputation for the quality and durability of their manufactured products. They have also been recognized for innovation on their factory floor.

What may be less well known is the breadth and depth of talent of Hamilton’s other departments. Hamilton’s designers, engineers, sustainability experts, customer service, and project managers possess specialty knowledge in solving workplace needs with casework. Casework is their niche. They focus on the big picture while tending to the small details of a project. The goal of their whole team—top to bottom—is to develop a perfect fit, every time.