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Upgrading a Medical Simulation Center’s Storage

Upgrading a Medical Simulation Centers Storage

A new 15,000 square-foot simulation center at this medical college looks like a typical campus building from the outside, but the interior tells a different story. Instead of large lecture halls, the center offers high-tech simulation rooms complete with hyper-realistic medical equipment, high-fidelity mannequins, and video cameras for training and debriefing.


這是如何做Spacesaverstorage products helped staff and students save space and promote efficiency.

High-Density Mobile Storage


該係統允許員工到在大約一半的空間內商店模特,醫療設備和其他物品這些物品需要靜態擱架。在係統的開放端的坦克門滾下來lock to secure the valuable contents


Day Use Lockers

Because the staff was so pleased with the high-density system, they contacted the local Spacesaver consultant again when they noticed a storage issue in the debriefing rooms. The debriefing rooms are adjacent to the simulation rooms, and they provide a space for instructors and students to meet before and after practice sessions and tests. No one is allowed to take backpacks or other personal belongings inside the simulation rooms, so students and instructors were leaving these items in their cars or out in the hallways.

Day-use locker bank used in debriefing rooms for storage

The Spacesaver consultant worked with them to design sleek, sturdyDay Use Lockers在彙報室給他們a place to stash backpacks, notebooks, and other items before entering the simulation rooms

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How to Plan for Cold Storage Preservation

How to Plan for Cold Storage Preservation

冷卻器和冰櫃提供best possible preservation environment for film and a variety of other materials那so they’re essential components of most museum risk management strategies. Cold storage is expensive to build and operate, though, so it’s important to understand the needs of various materials in your collection and carefully plan for the move to cold storage.

Download a Free Cold Storage Infographic

How to Plan & Implement a Move to Cold Storage

冷藏是昂貴的存儲。您可以保留部ilding costs and operating costs down by planning carefully and making the most of every square inch. Here’s how to plan your cold storage space.

  • Assess Collection
    • Identify materials that need cold storage and sort by items that need cold storage, frozen storage, or typical archival storage. Measure the amount of space required to store items that currently need to be maintained in cold storage and frozen storage, and add curators’ estimates for future space needs.
  • Develop a Usage Policy/Procedure
    • 描述研究人員和其他人將如何請求進入儲存材料,該材料將被委托,委托給冷藏區域,在攜帶和流出冷庫時,材料將如何適應材料,以及研究人員將被允許的地點以及如何允許研究人員study materials after they’re brought out of storage.
vapor proof cold storage packaging in freezer room
  • 確定將存儲在哪裏
    • Smaller collections can be stored in refrigerators or freezers, but be sure to use models that maintain a constant temperature. Medium-sized collections can be stored on shelving or museum cabinets housed in small walk-in coolers. Larger collections are generally stored in compactors housed in purpose-built cold rooms and walk-in freezers.
  • Create a Plan for Moving to Cold Storage
    • 與供應商合作以協調交付和安裝日期,並確定誰將負責掃描(如果需要),編目,適應和移動物品。確定監測溫度和相對濕度的程序,並在設備故障的情況下突出的供應商的接觸信息。
  • 優化冷室或冰箱內的空間
    • Adjust shelving to avoid wasting space between shelves, and use compactors (high-density mobile shelving) to consolidate materials. The more items you can store, the more you’ll save, both in initial building costs (due to a smaller footprint) and in ongoing energy costs (a full cooler or freezer operates more efficiently).

See how Spacesaver products helped丹佛自然與科學博物館optimize their cold storage space.

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Sports Equipment Storage at D1 University | Gallery

Sports Equipment Storage at D1 University

Safe and Organized Lockers for Athletic Storage

Spacesaver worked with the University of Oregon to refine and redesign athletic equipment storage areas all around campus, from the new Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center (football equipment room storage as well as storage for baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and tumbling), to the Knight Arena (basketball team storage), to Sanders Stadium (softball team storage).

University of Oregon high-density mobile storage with display window

Across the University of Oregon campus, Spacesaver has helped create athletic equipment storage systems that保護寶貴的資產,簡化工作流程,並提高私生活動。Nowhere is this more evident than at the new Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center, which has been hailed as “a testament to style and function.” The facility features 2.5 miles of Spacesaver drawers and shelving housed in visually stunning Spacesaver compact mobile storage systems.

對於許多大學足球隊來說,簡單的“家”和“遠離”製服結束了。這在俄勒岡大學尤其如此,新製服每周發布。團隊的設備經理正在努力跟上他們需要的數千個物體store, retrieve, issue, and collect every week在賽季的過程中。

Oregon Campus Football Storage Room

Thanks to a generous gift from Phil and Penny Knight, staff was able to design a new football storage facility that’sas functional as it is attractive。During numerous planning meetings, the Spacesaver consultant met with the project team to determine the team’s needs, gain an understanding of the planned construction, and help determine how to maximize the available space. Aaron Wasson, director of equipment operations, worked with his staff and the Spacesaver consultant to analyze workflows, measure items that needed to be stored, and estimate future storage requirements. “We spent hundreds of hours designing the Spacesaver systems, how each of those spaces would look and feel, and how they would function,” he said.

Display shelving for the locker room spirit

Helmets are prepped, stored, and maintained in “The Armory,” apurpose-built room featuring mirrored Spacesaver cabinets mounted on a high-density mobile system。Face masks are stored on Spacesaver shelving concealed behind roll-down doors.

The design team decided to create a mezzanine due to the building’s long and narrow footprint. The ground floor stores items for daily use, while the upper level, which is less frequently accessed, stores surplus items as well as items that will be needed later in the season.

Custom Team Power Touchscreen
Customization is nearly limitless with high-density mobile systems, from powered touchscreens to vinyl graphic wraps

我們準備了一本關於這些項目的看法概述。Download it belowto see how careful planning and attention to detail can create highly functional systems that protect team assets, streamline processes, and boost team pride. Learn more about this project點擊此處

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Space | Mizzou Tigers Athletic Storage

20190916 090916

November Project of the Month: University of Missouri Athletics

mizzou老虎Display Wall



Products:High-Density Mobile StorageMetal Shelving運動儲物櫃室


Mizzou is a team with a history that dates all the way back to 1890. Their storage had rarely seen any big change, especially since their success on the field was always the first priority. But when the new equipment manager finally had a chance to make a change coming into Mizzou, he already had a plan in mind. Having come from the University of Louisville, where they had installed Spacesaver products for their locker room storage, he knew exactly what he wanted, so he called Bradford Systems. He explained how their current Wenger Mobile Carts just weren’t cutting it. They were hard to pull and couldn’t hold everything they needed it to. Moreover, Mizzou’s athletic storage was sorted by storage type, making it a huge hassle to prepare gear for practice and game days.
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Project of the Month: St. Louis Blues, Enterprise Center

20180817 073633



Client:St. Louis Blues企業中心

Founded in 1967, the St. Louis Blues Hockey Club is one of the most well-known and well established names in the NHL. Named for the W.C. Handy Song “Saint Louis Blues,” the team has called the Enterprise Center “home” since 1994, after several moves and getting close to relocating completely!

The Enterprise Center, located in the heart of Downtown St. Louis, is a 12 story glass and concrete building that houses not only the St. Louis Blues, but also provides a full range of programs including ice shows, sporting events and concerts.

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Project of the Month: Walter E. Deuchler Associates

W.E. Deuchler 1 1 e1528824311698

Mobile Storage & Seamless Shelving for 102 Years’ Worth of Engineering History


Client:Walter E. Deuchler Associates
May 2018

Walter E. Deuchler Associates, located in Aurora, Il., offers a full of spectrum of services across civil, structural, electrical and environmental engineering. As a full service engineering partner, Deuchler provides the team you need with the experience, knowledge and solutions to help plan and execute your project.

Deuchler通過誠信和卓越的卓越,德福特人始於善於對待人們,創造一種真正區別的解決方案 - 這也為他們的員工。

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Project of the Month: O’Fallon Police Department


We covered all the bases, using storage solutions ranging from employee and evidence lockers to mobile record shelving and armory storage.


Client:O’Fallon, Missouri PD
市場:Public Safety

When the O’Fallon, Missouri Police Department began planning for a new Justice Center, one which would house and facilitate all police and court functions, they knew they had a many space and storage considerations at hand. Their city had experienced fast growth, and they wanted a facility that could keep pace for decades to come.

They had worked with Spacesaver before, who involved our team at the onset of the planning phase. This relationship allowed us to optimize space with the right mix of storage solutions and keep costs low.

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Bradford Systems Breathes New Life Into Grant Thornton Offices

IMG 06171

“An instinct for growth.” Grant Thornton epitomizes its slogan. Founded in Chicago in 1924, Grant Thornton LLP is the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd, one of the world’s leading organizations in independent audit, tax, and advisory firms. Today, the company boasts more than 50 offices across the nation, with more than 500 partners and 6,000 employees. Together, that massive workforce manages a revenue exceeding $1 billion.


格蘭特 - 桑頓 - 大房間 grant-thornton-hallway

High-Density Mobile Shelving

在我們在曼哈頓中城辦公室安裝Spacesaver高密度備案係統之後,該公司邀請我們為其芝加哥總部做同樣的事情。與Grant Thornton的項目經理和A&D團隊合作,我們設計了一個Spacesaver網絡high-density shelving systems跨越四層辦公室和存儲空間的靜止擱置。


grant-thornton-high-density-shelving 高密度 - 移動擱板 - 挑戰

Modular Casework

Another important solution to Grant Thornton’s storage and file management needs came in the form of modular casework from Hamilton Casework Solutions. The Bradford Systems team installed a customized arrangement of casework, including utility workrooms, day lockers, and copy and mail centers throughout its four floors. Hamilton Casework Solutions is recognized around the world for its modular and flexible casework, and it also offers a unique tax advantage, as it can be depreciated over seven years, rather than 32 years or more.

辦公室 - 案例工作 - 無門 內閣贈款 - 桑頓

Midwest Leaders in Storage Solutions

Grant Thornton’s project manager explained

“Bradford Systems is one of our favorite vendors. The casework that we installed in New York that wasn’t provided by Bradford is already delaminating. I want to utilize Bradford’s casework wherever possible.”

That’s a strong endorsement, and one of many such testimonials we work harder than anyone else to earn. But don’t just take their word for it. Learn about our tailored products and service made to order, and designed to fit your company’s needs and budget.今天聯係我們的團隊and see what we can do for you.