10 Smart Locker Benefits for Day Use

10 Smart Locker Benefits for Day Use

辦公室正在轉變為適應遙控工作的增加和靈活性的偏好。許多員工使用Coworking Spaces,以及旅行的機會,從辦公室帶走更多的時間。但隨著他們來的,員工和其他遊客需要一個安全的地方,占據他們的物品。是10智能儲物櫃優勢,使完美的日常使用解決方案.

#1 Secure

智能儲物櫃give guests peace of mind. Heavy-duty, tamper-proof features and automatically-generated unique passcodes prevent unauthorized access, and the system keeps track of every transaction to ensure nothing gets lost or stolen.

#2 Convenient


#3 Contactless

智能儲物櫃are part of the new normal. They help corporationssupport social distancingby allowing employees and visitors to secure their items all on their own, without staff assistance. They also減少接觸點- 用戶可以從移動應用程序觸發自動打開的儲物櫃門,因此他們不需要使用共享觸摸屏。

#4 Clean

To help minimize the spread of pathogens, admins can put lockers on hold for cleaning between uses. The lockers are easy to wipe down and disinfect, and optional add-ons likeantimicrobial materials and UV sanitationhelp speed up the process.


與A.wide variety of locker types, sizes, and configurations,智能儲物櫃幾乎可以處理任何東西。他們以無數的顏色和材料融入商業'品牌或脫穎而出。



#7 Time-saving

由於智能儲物櫃的自助性,企業不需要指定員工來管理和監控物品,saving time and cutting down on operational costs.

#8 Tech-powered

員工總是在尋找技術helps them accomplish more during the workday — and smart lockers deliver. The technology behind smart lockers supports integrations with other company systems, furtherboosting simplicity, convenience, and efficiency.

#9 Automated

從文本和電子郵件通知到將傳感器打包到實時分析,智能儲物櫃包括fully automated featuresthat take all the guesswork out of temporary storage.


The workplace is constantly changing to keep up with the trends. So while businesses might need day-use lockers today, they might be looking for a new solution tomorrow. The good news is智能儲物櫃輕鬆適應不斷發展的工作場所. Using the same platform, companies can manage package and food deliveries, facilitate the transfer of IT assets, help onboard employees, andso much more.

So there are our 10 smart locker benefits for day use. Smart lockers can also provide temporary storage for hotels, libraries, universities, and many other places.


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